the Partisan.

Museum of Burning Questions, Bergen Assembly


At the heart of THE MUSEUM OF BURNING QUESTIONS is the PARTISAN CAFÉ, a central contact zone located in the occupied fire station and conceived as an educational/performative/artistic practice by NORA STERNFELD of freethought with artist and educator JENNY MOORE, and designed by artist ISA ROSENBERGER in collaboration with architect HEIDI PRETTERHOFER.
The title ‘the Partisan café’  borrows directly from “the Partisan Coffee House” – a space for gatherings, conversation and debate in London Soho in the late 1950s, organised by the New Left. Our use of the name is not nostalgic but an actualisation, with burning questions of today, we relate to it and appropriate it: partisan instead of participation.

  • Ort Bergen
  • Auftraggeber privat
  • Kunst Isa Rosenberger
  • Architektur Heidi Pretterhofer
  • Mitarbeit Chloé Zimmermann
  • Schlagworte Kunst & Kultur