potentials of abandoned urban space
Städtebaulicher Workshop an der Universität für Kunst und industrielles Design in Linz


Through a fake story as starting point we solved all problems of the investigation area from the beginning. It is an abandoned left over space next to the city highway and the thesis was that it is allready fully developed. First step was to proof this fact by cooking a dish using the ingredients of the actual site to be incorporated by the head of the city planning department. Next step was to implement an international Club for Urban Planning in Linz. The existing city planners blindness for the obvious urban qualities of Linz encouraged the Club to find the perfect location for its negotiation space. It was a boat on the river Danube.

  • Ort Linz
  • Auftraggeber Studenten der Kunstuniversität Linz
  • Team Heidi Pretterhofer, Dieter Spath, Bernd Vlay
  • Schlagworte Lehre | Publikation | Urbanismus