Approaches to Urbanism in Austria


Örbanism presents a new generation of urbanists all currently living and working in Austria. Their essays, project documentation and analyses address an array of topics including urban identity, privatisation, market forces, mass media, declining population and air-traffic control. Some tackle the shortcomings of contemporary cities with unconventional means, recognizing that merely designing physical structures may not be an adequate response. Others have adopted astute ways of seeing, expanding the definition of urbanity.

  • Ort Wien
  • Auftraggeber TU Graz
  • Herausgeber Elise Feiersinger, Joost Meuwissen, Heidi Pretterhofer
  • Verlag edition selene, Wien, 2002
  • Förderer Bundeskanzleramt, Bundesministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur, Stadt Wien
  • ISBN 3-85266-189-7
  • Schlagworte Publikation | Urbanismus